I am so shocked and saddened by the death of 9 saints from a South Carolina church.

Such hatred.

Such sadness.

Such a waste of beautiful human life.

I listened to the relatives of these victims speak at the bond hearing for the young murderer.

And I stood at attention in my kitchen as I heard their agonized voices whisper words of forgiveness to this young man who was so filled with hate and ignorance ... And who shot old ladies, and a state senator and pastor, at a simple Bible study.

After the relatives were done speaking, one reporter asked a commentator what his reaction was to these amazing comments, and he said:

"Their minister (who was one of the men killed) did an amazing job pastoring these folks. These people responded to hatred in the name and the power and in the way of Jesus, the great forgiver and reconciler."

I smiled, even in the midst of my tears.

So, so, so right.

I continued to stand in attention (and reverence) in my kitchen for quite some time ... just pondering these responses in my heart.

Oh, that I would have this kind of response in the face of earth-shattering hatred.

Jesus, make me like them ...