Some people I love are burying their most precious loved ones today.

I don't have words for the sadness.

Sometimes poems speak for my broken heart.

This one does:

"And this is the consolation - that the world

doesn't end, that the world one day

opens up into something better, and that we

one day open up into something far better.

Maybe like this: one morning you finally wake

to a light you recognize as the light you've wanted

every morning that has come before. And the air

itself has some light thing in it that you've always

hoped the air might have. And one is there

to welcome you whose face you've looked for during all

the best and worst times of your life. He takes you to himself

and holds you close until you finally wake.

And it seems you've only just awakened, but you turn

and there we are, the rest of us, arriving just behind you.

We'll go the rest of the way together.

(Words for My Father, by Scott Cairns)