I love trees.

Especially imperfect trees. Trees with scraggly limbs, branches torn off in a storm, green leaves only on the tippy-top, gnarly roots, bumpy bark, woodpecker holes.

But look at this beauty. I sighted her on the golf course today and she called to me.

She said, "Look at me, Alice! The winds blew, the storms came, and I did not fall."

I said, "Good job, strong tree!"

And she said, "You always quote Thomas Merton who said, 'A tree brings glory to God by being a tree.'"

"Yup," I said. "You are doing it! You are bringing glory to God by being the tree that you are, even with that BIG lean."

She said, "You just came through some stormy winds yourself, didn't you? Storms that caused you to tilt, but not fall over."

"Yup," I said.

"Good job, strong tree!" she said back to me. "Bringing glory to God by being you."

And we stood and admired each other for a little bit.