My dad is 80 years old today.

He is still working full-time as the senior partner in his law firm.

Part of why he still works is that he loves what he does.

Always has. Always will.

Another reason is that he believes he is wiser now about law

and life

than he has ever been.

This is why he has tried to keep his body and mind strong -

so that when he is at his absolute wisest and most experienced,

he can still be an advocate for people who need help.

As I watch him live his amazing life, 

I am reminded of this Frederick Buechner quote about vocation and calling:

"We should go with our lives where we most need to go

and where we are most needed.

What can we do that makes us gladdest,

what can we do that leaves us with the strongest sense of sailing true north

and of peace,

which is much of what gladness is?

If it is a thing that makes us truly glad,

then it is a good thing 

and it is our thing

and it is the calling voice that we were made to answer with our lives."

Carry on, Dad!

I cheer you on ...