A few days ago I wrote about a deeper kind of silence described by Robert Mulholland.

Today, I simply want to share one of the most profoundly helpful "tips" ever offered to me as I think about what I am supposed to do when I am silent.

Have you ever asked yourself, "What am I supposed to do during times of silence?  🙂

This is what Mulholland writes:

"A helpful means to [transformative] silence is the prayer, 

'Free me from care for myself.'

If used regularly as part of the daily [routine],

God will gradually awaken us to the mutiple layers of controlling, grasping 'noise' in our lives:

the defensive postures by which we justify our control of people and circumstances;

the attack dynamics by which we extend and maintain our possession and control of others and our world;

the indulgent habits by which we grasp things and others for ourselves;

the manipulative practices by which we inflict our will on the world;

and especially the ways in which we attempt to use God to support and justify these structures."

Now, if you don't struggle with any of these things, of course, don't pray the prayer.

But, if you are human and willing to admit to these struggles, these 6 simple words, prayed over time,

will change your life.

"Free me from care for myself."