In a time of disorientation, I have found it helpful to ground myself by asking a few questions.

1. Where am I?

Sounds simple, right?

But taking a few moments to ask and answer this one question is settling.

As you breathe slowly and deeply, simply tell yourself what day it is, cite the date, the season (did you know it is Spring?), your location, even things as simple as your age.

State out loud how you are feeling - "I feel scared ..." or "I feel calm today ..." Be honest.

Then simply look around for a moment and notice your surroundings, the color of your sofa, the smell of breakfast, the sounds all around you.

Use all your senses to help yourself acknowledge what's real, what's true.

2. Where are you, God?

This is a little trickier, but profound.

Simply ask the question, regardless of your faith:

God, where are you today? 

Then, ask yourself:

Am I paying attention? 

Do I have my eyes open for the presence of the Divine?

How can I watch for God at work today?

Remember, God is rarely showy.

3. What is mine to do?

No delusions of grandeur.

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

Ask God, ask yourself: Today - just today - what things are mine to do? 

Then, do them. No more, no less.

Keep it simple.

You are not called to save the world. That is God's job.

4. What does love require?

This is the only true mark of the value of your day, your actions, your life ...

When you get confused, when you lose your way, when you are at your wit's end,

whisper this question,

and it will point you home.