a little journey through psalm 23: part 1

Psalm 23 starts here - God is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.

Two statements, linked.

Because God is like a shepherd, like a caretaker, a provider, a guard, a sentinel ...

Because of that truth, therefore there is nothing I lack.

How can this be?

How can this be true when the world is screaming: SCARCITY!?

When the talking heads on TV are screaming: SCARCITY!?

When the mundane act of pushing my grocery cart down the next aisle screams: SCARCITY!?

How can it be true that "there is nothing I lack?"

I do not know. 

But I want to know.

Don't you?

Let's ask God to show us.

Today, whisper this prayer:

"God, you are my shepherd ...

And God, because you are my shepherd - the One who watches over me at all times -

because this is true,

there is nothing I lack.

God, show me this is true today.

Show me that you are a God of abundance, not scarcity ...

a God overflowing with goodness, not stingy hoarding ...

a God who provides, who shelters, who gives us everything we need ...

Show me today - just today - that I lack nothing."

And - just as importantly - as you pray this, will you share with those in need around you?

So that - in some mysterious kind of loaves-and-fishes miracle - we can be the conduit between God and our neighbor that makes this opening line in Psalm 23 true for them, too.

God is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.