Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

I hope today finds you enjoying your people; family or friends, or both.

After a season of many being unable to gather, this year seems especially sweet. Finally, we can drive each other crazy in person again!

There will be joy, yes. There will likely be laughter and a few tears. There may be a spat or two, if we are honest. And somebody in the group will do the thing they always do that drives us nuts. But it wouldn't be Thanksgiving at our house without 'em. Would it?

And so ... as we gather:

May we look upon each other with grace and mercy.

May we remember that we are lucky to be alive on this good earth.

May we experience deep gratitude for those whom God has given us to tend.

May we relish the table groaning under the weight of too much food.

May we never forget that each of these is pure gift.

May we find a special measure of good humor as we rub shoulders with friends and family whom we love more than life but who also make us insane.

May we smile at the unintended words that sting, offer unmerited grace to those who get under our craw, and provide that same measure of grace to ourselves as all of our quirks and foibles make themselves apparent as we gather.

Oh Lord, have mercy on us, dysfunctional families all. As you cast our sins into the ocean of your love, may we do the same for those who share our DNA, and those who don't.

And this Thanksgiving, may we vow to share our wealth with those who hunger ... on this day and every day hereafter.