Recently, I had a period of time where

I needed my friends,

more than usual.

Here is a little tribute to them from

some reading I did this weekend:

"Friendship is a mirror to presence and

a testament to forgiveness.

Friendship not only helps us see ourselves

through another's eyes,

but can be sustained over the years only

with someone who has repeatedly forgiven us

our tresspasses 

as we must find it in ourselves

to forgive them in turn.

A friend knows our difficulties and shadows

and remains in sight,

a companion to our vulnerabilities

more than our triumphs,

when we are under the strange illusion that we do not need them.

An undercurrent of real friendship is a blessing

exactly because its elemental form

is rediscovered again and again

through understanding and 


All friendships of any length

are based on a continued,

mutual forgiveness.

Without tolerance and mercy

all friendships die."

(David Whyte)

To my friends, new and old, near and far:

Thank you for your forgiveness,

your presence

and remaining in sight,

even though you so clearly see

my shadows.

I love all of you.