I have been AWOL from Alice at Dawn, my fav little community, for too many days.

After I got home from Costa Rica, I found myself navigating so many responsibilities that I couldn't manage it all and so, as one does, I dropped things that felt less urgent. Specifically, writing and getting regular exercise. Also, cooking decent meals. Meals that make me happy and keep me alive.

Hmmm... sound familiar women? (And men, of course.) But mainly, women?

I just couldn't do it all, and what I let go were things that bring me life, that sustain me, that keep me healthy and whole and happy.

This happens too often.

I am determined to fight back against the powers that push me to care for others at the expense of myself. Powers that are bigger than all of us and in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Women are "supposed to" sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. It is expected. It is applauded. It is often devastating.

So ... I'm back.

I am currently sitting in a sweet lil' hotel in the heart of New York City. (Reasons for this in future posts!)

And I am determined to write on the regular, cook the kind of beautiful, nourishing meals my husband and I love, move my body in ways that are life-giving and fill my soul. And, of course, of course, care for the people I love.

Just not to my own detriment.

No more.

When I can't do it all, I will still do what keeps Alice afloat. Not only so I can be there for others, but so I can be there for me.