#10 on my Top Ten List of things of things to do when the world is at war is - Find a bigger story to live in.

Here's what I mean by that: It is easy to get bogged down in the battles, worries, fears, questions, inequities, injustice, greed and violence all around us. It is easy to start to believe this is all there is: You're born and then you die. The end.

But what if this isn't all there is? What if there is a bigger Story at play here? What if war doesn't get the final word?

What then?

Well, it certainly doesn't mean that we get to live as if hard stuff isn't happening. It doesn't mean we get to make trite comments like, "Oh well, at least God is in control," or "This world is not our home."

Those things may be true, but they were never meant to be used as excuses to not fight for peace, justice and righteousness for those around us.

It does mean that we don't have to be overcome by despair. We don't have to become cynical, nihilistic, skeptical, negative.

Instead, we can observe the world around us in all of its beauty and ugliness and we can put things in persective.

We can maintain hope even in the darkest of times if we believe in a Story about the universe that involves more than merely the material world.

There is no simple answer to the problem of evil. I am suspicious of those who say there is.

But I do believe in a Story where evil will eventually be swallowed up by Good.

Where Death will eventually be swallowed up by Life.

Where Hate will eventually be swallowed up by Love.

Where all the hell people experience here on earth will eventually be swallowed up by a heaven more pure, gorgeous and teeming with joy than we can even imagine.

When the story of the world around me breaks my heart, I remember that there is a much, much bigger Story to live in.

And Jesus is the best picture of this Story I have ever known.

Jesus is my Hope in a world gone mad.