a little journey through psalm 23: part 3

And when I walk through the valley, overshadowed by death,

I will fear no harm, for you are with me. 

Your rod and staff ---they comfort me.

Isn't that beautiful?

We are walking through a valley right now, aren't we?

Whether or not we acknowledge it, this pandemic is the "overshadowing" of death.

And it is scary.

It just is.

Those who say it is not are either in denial or lying.

Christian cliche chirpiness is beyond irritating to me right now. 

Smiley Christians acting like nothing is wrong, still holding church services in defiance of government orders. As if God will protect us from our own stupidity.

That is why I love the Psalms.

Honest ...

Real ...

Vulnerable ...

Yet, full of faith.


So, here King David acknowledges reality - the shadow of death, a valley, 

and then he states what is equally true.

"I will fear no harm,

for You - God, my shepherd - are with me."

No matter how dark this valley gets, God is with me.

"Your rod and staff" - tools of guidance and protection - "they comfort me."

What beautiful imagery.

This day ... can you memorize just these few verses?

And when you get overwhelmed by the valley and the shadow,

remind yourself that your good, gentle, powerful Shepherd is with you and will protect you.

No matter what.