Tonight I am pondering

the stark contrast

between Donald Trump

and Pope Francis.

Not even thinking politically ...

just paying attention to words,

and deeds,

and tone, and 

any resemblance to Jesus.

Any sense of compassion ...

Any sense of appropriate humility ...

Any sense of mercy and love and kindness ...

Any sense of concern for the poor and lonely and left behind ...

As I watched the Pope drive away from Andrews Airforce Base 

in a little,



Italian Fiat ...

big grin on his face,

I grinned right back at the TV.

If a person's countenance tells us anything

about the state of their soul,

I'm thinking the "win" 

goes to the Pope on

this little thought competition 

I am having


about which of these

two men

most resemble 

the Jesus

they both claim to follow.