So many questions these days about the Bible, and what certain parts of it mean …

So many opinions on the Bible and all kinds of arrogant announcements that certain folks have ALL the answers about what it all means ...

Know what?

I don’t have answers. I actually have more questions than answers.

The Bible remains a mystery to me.

Occasionally, I think I catch a glimpse of truth.

But mostly, I remain humbly confused.

In awe … but confused.

Drawn to it … but confused.

“The Bible isn’t really at all good at being an instruction manual.

It’s good at leading us into a tangle of wild poetry, heartbreaking stories, contradictions, twists and turns, the concrete struggles of a vast array of unruly, disparate human beings being sought after by God …

The Bible isn’t a cage that contains God, making God available to take out or hang in our living room,

it’s a witness to the fecund, ungraspable Other

and our relationship to that Other”

(Debbie Blue)

We need to stop reading the Bible for “answers.”

We need to start engaging the Bible to touch God …

and to give God a chance to touch us.