I have been thinking a lot about how Jesus pushed the boundaries.

He broke right through the spiritual fences religious leaders had put up to keep people out, to keep people away from their God.

As I read through the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life and ministry I cannot help but notice what a boundary pusher Jesus was.

For instance, in the Gospel of Mark we are not even out of the second chapter before Jesus seems to be poking the religious elite in the eye.

He both heals and forgives the sins of a paralyzed man. Blasphemy!

Then, he calls a despised tax collector to be one of his followers AND he eats and drinks with sinners! How offensive!

Finally, in a direct contradiction of a biblical commandment, Jesus allows his disciples to "work" by plucking grain to eat on the Sabbath. The religious folk of Jesus day lose their minds!

Jesus was defying religious custom.

Jesus was intentionally breaking religious codes of conduct.


For people.

That's why.

Before Jesus' ministry is even established, he acts in direct contradiction to the rules and boundaries of his day.

Because. Jesus. Loved. People. More. Than. Rules.

When did I forget this?

What boundaries might I need to start to push in order to love people more than rules?

What about you? Might you become a boundary pusher like Jesus?