Do you ever wonder about prayer?

Why do we pray?

How should we pray?

When we pray, what are we hoping for?

Do we have the power to influence God?

Is there a wrong way to pray?

If there is a wrong way, does that mean there is a right way?

I don't ask these questions in order to engage in theological banter. I ask them because people I love are struggling and I often feel helpless. I want to ask God to help them.

And I do! I do ask God to help them.

But often, if I am honest, it feels as if God does not respond to my requests.

Do you ever feel that way?

I have a hunch you do. Some of you come to my office and tell me you do.

So, let's talk about prayer for awhile, shall we?

I'll post my thoughts in the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime, Ole Hallesby's definition of prayer has been saving my life lately.

Hallesby basically says that:

Helplessness + Faith = Prayer

Do you feel helpless about something? (Yes)

Do you have mustard seed-sized faith that Jesus has the power to help? (Yes)

Then, you have all you need for a powerful prayer life.

Take what you feel helpless about and combine it with a modicum of faith ... that's it. That's the secret formula. You almost don't need words. Just a turn of the face toward Jesus with what you feel helpless about in your hands. And you will have set into motion supernatural power beyond your imagination.

Now, there's more to be said, of course.

But let's start here: Helplessness + Faith = Prayer