Memorial Day is past; it is now officially "The Season of the Porch!" I have declared it so!

We live in a very old home. The exact date she was built is sketchy. We have some books that came with the home when we purchased her almost 25 years ago, and they allude to the fact that our beauty was built during the Civil War. She is an old, old lady.

At some point in her 150+ year life someone built a very large, wrap around, screened-in porch. The screens are removable and run floor to ceiling creating a view unimpeded by walls.

We live on the porch from April to November. We have a large dining table filled with candles and flowers. We have a living room space with comfy chairs, a sofa long enough to nap on, and a good reading lamp. It is a whole room in and of itself.

And it is magic.


We don't exactly know, it just is.

When family is home we gravitate there. Morning coffee, bed hair, cozy sweats, dog lying next to us on the couch. Evening meals shared at the table, dusk settling around us, crickets chirping, twinkle lights bringing even more magic to the moments. Laughter and late night conversation fill the air.

And when it's just my husband and me at home we always find our way to the porch.

Yesterday we just sat there for hours. Literally.

Is there anything better in our frenetic world than a good, old-fashioned porch sit?

I think not!

We read, we talked about silly things and important things, we looked at the birds and laughed at the squirrels playing a raucous game of tag on our old pine trees, we assessed our new oak tree and how much it leans to the left, and then we just sat together in the quiet. The beautiful, safe kind of quiet that 38 years of marriage brings.

When we sit on the porch the world doesn't seem so awful (even though we know it still is).

When we sit on the porch everything we worry about fades into the night sky.

When we sit on the porch our cortisol levels drop and our heart rate slows.

When we sit on the porch we gain strength to get back in the ring to fight for goodness, justice and mercy in a world lacking all three.

How and why a good porch sits save our lives, we might never know.

All we know is that it does. It always does.