In two classes I am leading, we are talking about forgiving those who have wronged us,  loving our enemies, and wishing good for those who curse us.

What hard stuff!

But I love how practical we are urged to be: Simply start praying for those who feel like competitors, for those whose success somehow threatens your well-being. And even if you don't "feel" the words of your prayer, just keep saying them. Pray for good to enter that person's life in powerful ways. Pray for their success. Pray for their well-being.

Can you imagine how your life might turn if you actually started to do this?

For real?

The next time you feel threatened or "cursed" in any way, consider immediately asking God for the well-being of that person, rather than phoning a friend and starting in on all the reasons you have to feel resentment.

For as Jesus said, "even the pagans love those who love them! That is no big deal. What I am asking is that my followers become like my Father, and love even those who hate them."

For while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us ...