I have been working on a health-related issue lately.

Part of my "work" involves making sure I include certain things in my diet: more calcium, more potassium, more magnesium, etc.

Here's what I've noticed.

I can make a list of all the foods I am "supposed" to eat on a daily basis, and somehow because I know what is on the list and I know why I'm supposed to eat it, and I agree with the concept of eating it ... it makes me feel as if I have eaten it.

When I haven't.

And so I wonder why my issue is not resolved. Hello???

Today, I forced myself to go through a list of the foods I am supposed to eat and to literally say aloud (to myself) whether I had actually eaten them today or not.

Surprisingly, I had to say "no" way more than I should have.

Banana? Nope.

Kiwi? Nope.

Calcium rich dairy? Nope.

Dark, leafy greens? Well, maybe a few ...

And I thought to myself, "Knowing the value of something is NOT the same as doing it!"

And it reminded me of spiritual practices, and how dangerous "knowledge" about them can be.

Knowing a cool way to pray is not the same as praying.

Knowing that St. Ignatius believed the prayer of examen was his most valuable spiritual tool is not the same as praying the prayer of examen.

Believing in the power of grace-based fasting is not the same as fasting.

Understanding the power of reflection on Scripture is not the same as opening the Book and opening my life ...

Believing in the power of community is not the same as calling a friend and saying, "I'm lonely ..."

This is such a dangerous little trap.

So today I need to actually eat the banana. Not just think about how good it is for me.

Today, I need to actually bow the knee and pray. Not just think about how powerful it could be.

How about you?

What do you know a lot about but fail to do?

What might happen if you just did it ... today?