I woke up thinking of spring.

I know it is the dead of winter. The trees frosted with snow, our bedroom cold as my feet hit the floor. The pull to remain warm under my comforter is strong.

This morning, this glorious snowy morning, though, I thought of the spring birds that often wake before I do and begin their song in earnest right outside our window.

I love this imagery by my favorite Trappist monk:

"The first chirp of the waking birds ---- 'le point vierge' of the dawn,

a moment of awe and inexpressible innocence,

when the Father in silence opens their eyes and they speak to Him,

wondering if it is time to 'be?'

He tells them, 'Yes.'

Then they one by one wake

and begin to sing."

(Thomas Merton)

I am going to steal this concept.

Use it for myself during the darkest days of the year.

I will picture the Father opening my eyes,

and me asking, "Is it time to be?"

And the Divine presence says,


And I arise

and begin my song for the day.

Let's sing our hearts out just like the birds in spring, for every day - no matter how cold - is pure gift.