Imagine the power for good that could be released into this bruised and broken world

if women


obsessing about our bodies,

and focused all that energy, instead,


living big, wild, free, courageous lives.

Imagine the energy that could be harnessed for world-changing.

Imagine a world full of women unleashed, unhooked from body shame.

Imagine what we could do about hungry children.

About wars.

About oppression.

About inequity and racism.

About power imbalances.

About dirty politics.

About addiction and depression.

About rape and sexual assault.

About homelessness and heartache.

Imagine the power for good that we are wasting by

hating our bodies.

And trying to fix them, starve them, tone them, lift them, tighten them, lessen them.

What if we stopped?

Imagine the power ...