Christians have such a weird relationships with hard emotions.

I think it is because we often are led to believe

that expressing sadness, disappointment, anger, or fear

means that we don't trust God,

we don't believe God is good;

that we are somehow failing God 

by being less than perfectly cheerful

every day of our lives.

I think this is wrong.

Read the Psalms if you doubt me.

David, a man after God's own heart,

expresses one of the widest ranges of human emotions in history,

all within God's good care.

We should do nothing less.

In Barbara Brown Taylor's book on darkness

I read this today:

" ... sadness does not sink a person; 

it is the energy a person spends trying to avoid sadness 

that does that."

If you are sad, be sad.

If somone you know is sad, let them be sad.

It is ok.

Jesus wept.

And he is as close to God as you can get.