There was a mistake in my last post.

I saw it only after I had already tweeted it, put it on Facebook,

and friends had already read it.

When I saw it my face flushed red with shame.

I thought long and hard about deleting the entire post

and fixing that one little error.

I hate making mistakes.

I hate making mistakes publicly even more.

I hate for people to know how imperfect and flawed I am.

But you know what?

People ALREADY knew how imperfect and flawed I am.

I doubt that mistake surprised anyone!

Perhaps it even made a few of my grammar geek friends smile?

We are flawed and fallen people. This is true as true can be.

But that fallenness does not stop God from loving us.

And the Christian doctrine of grace says that

not only do our mistakes and sin not keep us from God's love


humbly acknowledged and appropriately owned,

our very mistakes and faults themselves

can sweep us into the forgiving arms

of our good God

more swiftly and surely

than any self-congratulatory

act of perceived and prideful


I left that typo.

I felt shame at first.

But now I just smile ...

And I feel God smile back.

Grace is good.

Grace is enough.

For me.

And for you.