My most recent sermon is about the fact that God is omnipresent; meaning there is no place or space or moment in time where God is not present.

This changes everything.

Every moment - no matter how mundane, boring or ordinary - is a moment filled with the presence of God.

It is our job to become awake to this truth; to stop living half-asleep, dulled into using made-up descriptive words like sacred or secular, holy or unholy.

We must stop praying, "God, please be with us ..."

God IS with us. It is we who are absent. It is we who need to be invoked.

I stumbled across a piece of paper on which John Ortberg's thoughts about God's omnipresence were presented in bullet form.

See what you think:

* God is always present and active in my life, whether or not I see God.

* Coming to recognize and experience God's presence is learned behavior; I can cultivate it.

* My task is to meet God in this moment.

*I am always tempted to live "outside" this moment. When I do that, I lose my sense of God's presence.

* Sometimes God seems far away for reasons I do not understand. Those moments, too, are opportunities to learn.

* Whenever I fail, I can always start again right away.

* No one knows the full extent to which a human being can experience God's presence.

* My desire for God ebbs and flows, but God's desire for me is constant. 

* Every thought carries a "spiritual charge" that moves me a little closer to or a little farther from God.

* Every aspect of my life - work, relationships, hobbies, errands - is of immense and genuine interest to God.

* My path to experiencing God's presence will not look quite like anyone else's.

* Straining and trying too hard do not help.

Pay attention, friends.

Every moment is holy.

God is here.