It seems the media has really latched on to the science behind our need for sleep. 

Sleep and introversion. Both have become "cool" again.

Which, as an introvert who loves her some sleep, makes me very happy. And very cool.

So I loved this tweet from the ever-wise Eugene Peterson:

"In prep for the day ... I go to sleep to get out of the way for a while."

Of course he means, "to get out of God's way."

I have an entire sermon to write tomorrow and am so tempted to start now, late in the evening; get a jump on things.

But God floated this tweet in front of my face and I think he is saying:

"Go to bed, Alice. I have work to do. When you wake up ... refreshed and re-created,

then you can join me."

What a kind God we serve.

Get some sleep, my friends. Get out of God's way!