Some who know me well might say the statement, "Alice is a disciplined person" is an understatement.

I get it.

I like a schedule, a rhythm, a routine.

Some might call me tightly wound. That's ok.

But let me tell you what the Camino taught me.

It's ok to be disciplined in the every day.

But at times - and some of us need to do this more - we need to drop all that discipline business and live a little.

So, while in Spain and away from my responsibilities and obligations and roles, I ate cake and drank beer for lunch.

Almost every day.

It was fabulous. Sweet and cake-y. Cold and beer-y.

It made me laugh.

I walked a bit of the Camino barefoot, reveling in the bracing cold of the wet leaves, the green moss, the ancient dirt.

I am normally in bed by 9 PM, but not on this trip.

On this trip, I danced with friends until 4 AM!!

No early bedtime for this girl.

This crazy cat danced 'til her already aching feet gave up the ghost.

I ate bread and drank wine and talked to strangers and laughed and laughed.

It did my disciplined soul so much good.

Eat the cake ... more often.

And if beer does not cause you any problems, drink the beer.

And grin like a kid when you do.

Life is too short to only eat kale.