The other night my adult son was outside shucking sweet corn for dinner.

He came inside with the corn and said, "It is so nice outside it almost felt like a sin sitting out there," or something to that effect.

This reminded us of a time when my son was much, much younger, say 5 or 6 years old. We had just spent a relatively raucous evening at a local restaurant with my extended family and there was general frivolity, laughter and telling of legendary family stories.

On our van ride home, in the dark, quiet of the aftermath of our party, we heard his little voice ask this question:

"Dad, does the Lord love it when good people have a great time together?"

We could tell he felt a bit concerned about the level of fun we had just had. 

My husband answered, "He does, Will. He really does."

We talked about this memory together and laughed at his boyhood question. We talked about the hint of its remainder in his current statement about the potential sinfulness of the beauty of our Iowa summer evening.

This conversation sparked a memory of one of Dallas Willard's best thoughts ...

Willard wrote,

"Arrange your life so that you are experiencing deep contentment, joy and confidence in your everyday life with God.”

And then something like, "This is your greatest defense against sin."

How beautiful is that?

Does the Lord love it when good people have a great time together?

Does the Lord love it when we luxuriate in a perfect summer evening?

Does the Lord love it when friends laugh together; when we share a good meal, a fine bottle of wine, a chewy loaf of bread?

Does the Lord love it when we find deep joy in this life we've been given?

He does, Will ... the Lord really does.