Friday is my day off.

I sat quietly this morning, just breathing, listening, paying attention to my soul.

No music.

No reading.

No journaling.

Just eyes closed, sitting quietly, paying attention.

Here is what I noticed:

My mind and my soul were running fast,

skittering from one thought to the next,

each new thought spurring a sense of anxiety and the need to rush.

I pictured one of those frenetic little waterbugs skimming over the surface of a still pond.

But as I sat and breathed in the silence,

the image started to shift ...

dropping beneath the surface of things into the deep, quiet, dark waters below.

As my breathing slowed my heart followed,

And I pictured myself as a quiet, drifting, solid blue whale ...

unhurriedly navigating the depths,




for the Voice I need to hear,

the Voice that directs my path in the steady way that leads to life.

"Deep calls to deep ..." says Psalm 42:7. "Yes," my soul said.

God, save me from addictive drug of shallow, surface living.

God, help me remember that I must dive deep to be able to locate your Voice.