Have you ever been betrayed by someone you loved?

It seems the ultimate cruelty. To entrust your very self to another, only to have that trust implode in one fell swoop; one gesture, one word, one secret shared, one denial.

On this day - this day when Christians remember the night Jesus was betrayed - may we also remember that Jesus was betrayed on our behalf.

He faced the great betrayal of this night in order that you and I, and anyone who wants, can know - deep in our tender, vulnerable souls - that the One who loves us, the One who died for us, the One who lives for us, the One who knows our utter crookedness of spirit - the great lover of our souls - will never, ever, ever betray us.

No matter how many times our heart will be broken on this earth, in the end, God's fidelity remains eternal.

On the night Jesus was betrayed ...