It's a beautiful, late-summer day here in Iowa.

The humidity is high; the sun, too ...

The crickets are chirping.

You can almost hear the corn growing.

And I have the day free.

I can't describe to you the joy.

I have a list of things I wanted to do ...

It started with sitting on my porch, reading the Psalms, 





Then, I picked up a book I was in the midst of ...

called, "Flunking Sainthood" by Jana Riess.

Started reading the chapter I was in the midst of ...

about Jana's attempt to spend a month focusing on

"Benedictine Hospitality."

Which is (boiled down) the treating of every person as if they were Christ.

I was so happy reading about this other woman's

attempts to be hospitable.

I had really good hospitable thoughts, and

even some hospitable "feelings."


Then I sensed the Holy Spirit of God say to me,

"Perfect time to call your mother-in-law..."

And I said, 

"Um, that is not on my list."

And God was just silent.

As if to say ... "Really, Alice?

You are such a player."

And then I said out loud ...

"I'll call her tomorrow! 

Let me get back to this book on hospitality."

So, you know what happened, right?

I called my mother-in-law,

and we had a great Saturday morning conversation.

And God said.

"Now ...

read your little book on hospitality."

I love God.

And I kind of love hospitality.

But I'm still a player.

Maybe the next chapter is on that ...