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There is sometimes a perception that because I have been a pastor for the past 20 years and have been counseling at least as long, that I have my whole life together.

But honestly, that’s not always the case.

I struggle with many of the same things that you do, and that’s one of the reasons I write Alice at Dawn. So that we can tackle those questions together.

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Featured: Homesick

When I was young, I was often homesick. I hated sleepovers and called my folks to pick me up before the fun started. I despised Girl Scout camps and feigned illness to escape. I didn't like being away from home; it left me with an ache in my soul I couldn't put words to. I […]


Getting to the end of this little blog journey through my Top 10 List for Parents of Adult Children … Point #2 is Laugh. Simple, right? Not so simple from my experience … One of the very first things to go when parents and adult kids start to tangle is our sense of humor. Rather […]

Perfect storm ...

I have been thinking lately about why it is often so hard for adult kids and their parents to be kind to each other. Of course if we have not practiced kindness during the early years of family life, it is hard to all of a sudden become kind. It can be done, of course, […]

To go on being kind ...

"I become more and more certain, as the years go by, that wherever friendship is destroyed, or homes are broken, or precious ties are severed, there is a failure of imagination. Someone is too intent on justifying himself, or herself, never venturing out to imagine the way things seem to the other person. Imagination is […]

Be kind ...

Back to the Top 10 List for Parents of Adult kids … #3 on my list was Be Kind. There is so much to be said about kindness, especially in our families. And it is a mystery to me why it is often so hard to be kind to those who are closest to us. […]

God is not anxious about your kids

If I start to become a safe person for my young adult kids to talk to about faith … we may end up having some really great conversations, especially if I do more listening than talking. Especially if I ask curious, friendly, open-ended questions and then shut my mouth and open my ears. But what […]

What if we were safe about faith?

How can parents create a safe place for adult kids to talk about faith? First of all, I have learned anything I think I know the hard way. 🙂 Second of all, we all need to relax! God loves our children and understands that faith development is a journey often filled with winding roads, dangerous […]

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alice at dawn alice shirey blog
Welcome to Alice at Dawn. My short posts are meant to be regular reminders to keep walking, to keep living, to continue to listen to the voice deep within your spirit that whispers ... this is the way. Walk in it.

Please join us, and invite others ... You are very, very welcome here.


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