I am reading through the Psalms this summer,

starting with Psalm 50 ... because I usually fail to get that far in this Psalm reading exercise!

I loved what I read about the opening lines of Psalm 91

in one of my study Bibles.

Here is Psalm 91:1-2:

"You who live in the shelter of the

Most High,

who abide in the shadow of 

the Almighty,

will say to the Lord,

'My refuge and my fortress;

my God in whom I trust.'"

This is what my study Bible said about this passage:

"Living in the 'shadow of the Almighty,' reminds us of a child walking with a parent

and making every effort to stay in the parent's shadow.

It also hints of a condition where the child is so uninhibited and in love with the parent

that he or she has no desire for public recognition.

How difficult has it been for you

to place your

'public relations department entirely in the hands of God,'

as Dallas Willard puts it in

The Spirit of the Disciplines?"

Isn't that a beautiful image? 

A child who loves to walk in the shadow of his or her parent ...

A child who loves the parent so much that

the child could care less

about who sees them? 

A child who simply adores, trusts, and believes in the

sheer goodness of their parent...

And isn't that a great question:

How difficult is it for you to trust God with your reputation?

May you walk in the shadow of the Almighty today ...





May you also trust your own "public relations department"

completely to your Father's good heart.

And breathe a sigh of relief ...

No need to work hard to get others to notice how awesome you are.

God knows ...

And that is all that really matters.

Your one job is to just stay in His shadow ...