Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent.

I remember reading this quote from the psychologist Carl Jung when I was in the messy midst of parenting three teenagers.

I had been conflicted all of my parenting years about working outside the home versus being available to my family. 

As I was in the process of pushing each of my birds out of the nest, this quote was a strong motivating force that pushed me to invest deeply and meaningfully in my own life as a person, not only a mother, as my children began to leave home for wider skies.

Parents, as our children make the journey into adulthood, it is crucial that we, too, make our own journey ...

A journey more deeply into our own "lived lives," to use Carl Jung's language.

It is critical that we live our own lives, so that our young adult kids can live theirs freely and fully without the drag of our "unlived lives" weighing them down.

Wherever we are in the parenting process, let us make time to truly live.

It is one of the very best gifts we can give to our children.