A little break from the Sabbath writing …

Today at church a couple I love told me about a new song that basically states if a store doesn’t have a Merry Christmas sign in their window, Christians shouldn’t shop there.

They were excited about the song and wanted to share it with me.

Now, listen … this is a great couple.

But on this issue, I think they are missing the mark and I (very kindly and quietly) told them I disagreed with what this song was saying.

I wonder where we got this idea … that the way we “witness” to the world around us is to be rude and demanding and arrogant.

Nowhere in the Scriptures does it say, “Go and demand that your culture practice Christian holidays the way you want them to.”

Nowhere does it say, “Go and demand your own way, and thus attract the world.”

Nowhere does it say, “Go and force your faith on people … they’ll love it!”

But the Scriptures do say … Love… Love those who love you. But especially love those who don’t love you. Actually love your enemy.

They do say … Be completely humble, and gentle.

They do say … Be kind. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who persecute you.

They do say … As far as it depends on you, be at peace with all people.

So I say … go into any and every store, regardless of the sign on the window, and as you interact with those inside, be loving, kind, grateful and full of grace.

And kindly, gently, humbly wish everyone a Merry Christmas on your way out …