How can parents create a safe place for adult kids to talk about faith?

First of all, I have learned anything I think I know the hard way. 🙂

Second of all, we all need to relax!

God loves our children and understands that faith development is a journey often filled with winding roads, dangerous curves, cul de sacs and dead ends.

If our maturing kiddos decide to push back on the faith of their childhood, we should practice seeing this as a good thing rather than something to freak out about.

We too often have the idea that if any of us make one wrong move, God is ready and anxious to give us the ax; to cut us off, toss us out.

What a sad and wrong view of God the Good Shepherd.

When our kids start to question things, tell us they don't believe this or that, or profess interest in another religion, rather than panicking, getting mad, defensive or anxious, what if we remained curious, open and calm?

What if we asked questions rather than preaching?

What if we learned what they were learning rather than trying to shut their minds down?

What if we believed God is much, much, much bigger and smarter and wiser than we've ever imagined?

What if we practiced being safe, honest and kind no matter what?

What then?